Mark Cruvellier

Professor of Architecture

Mark Cruvellier's interests and areas of expertise include tall building structures, bridge design, and the development of pedagogical materials for structures in the context of architecture. He worked for several years in New York City analyzing some of that city's tallest and most slender buildings, and then in Vancouver on several unusual bridge designs. At Cornell since 1991, Cruvellier regularly teaches classes on fundamental structural concepts and the design of structural systems. He has recently co-authored the textbook The Structural Basis of Architecture (Routledge, 2011) together with colleagues Bjorn Sandaker and Arne Eggen of the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. Currently Cruvellier serves as the Chair of the Department of Architecture at Cornell; he was previously its Interim Chair from 1998–2001 and 2006–2009. He earned his Ph.D. at McGill University, specializing in the computer modeling of tall buildings.
Contact: (607) 255-7612