The Mellon Collaborative Studies in Architecture, Urbanism, and the Humanities are conceived as the initial phase of student research projects in comparative urban studies. All students enrolled in the seminars will be challenged to produce research of substantive quality that advances their studies. To support this research, enrolled students will receive a fellowship stipend in the amount of $1,500 as a research budget for materials (books, films, images, etc.) as well as atypical costs associated with the digital workshops and extended work on collections.

Fellows will be expected to attend seminar-related workshops, special curatorial sessions, and final jury-style presentations as a condition of accepting the fellowship.

In addition to the research stipend of $1,500, fellows enrolled in the Expanded Practice Seminars will receive travel support to offset costs associated with seminar-related off-campus travel. Travel will vary with the seminar topic; details will be appended to the specific seminar syllabus.