overhead view of a group of students around a table in a concrete dome with overhead lighting

An exhibition for the fall 2016 seminar titled Cuba as Project: Urban, Political, and Environmental Transformations of the Island. William Staffeld / AAP

The Mellon Collaborative Studies in Architecture, Urbanism, and the Humanities consist of two types of innovative courses. Each seminar type focuses on understanding cultural production in an age of global urbanism; each also builds on Cornell's unique strength in humanist studies and the design arts, as well as the rich and deep collections on the Cornell campus.

The first seminar series, Urban Representation Labs, is dedicated to interrogating the myriad modes of urban representation and expression as embodied in artifacts held in Cornell’s archival collections.

The second seminar series, Expanded Practice Seminars, focuses on the expanded conceptual framework demanded by contemporary global urbanism.

Each seminar is taught by faculty from both the humanities and urban/architecture design disciplines, and each seeks to enroll highly motivated graduate students from design and humanities majors.