SEEN Painting in the Dark, 1981

Pioneering aerosol artist, Richie “SEEN” Mirando painting a subway car at night (ca. 1981), photographer unknown, collection of Olin Library, Cornell University

All students participating in the seminars will have access to, and be expected to participate in, specialized workshops treating a wide range of tools and methodologies relevant to the specific seminar. These workshops will cover digital and analogue technologies that inform the reading and creation of urban culture in its myriad expressions, ranging from introduction to GIS software to workshops in urban ethnography to documentary film-making. Workshop topics will be selected by seminar faculty and may vary each semester. Seminar fellows will have exclusive access to the workshops and workshop instructors, with the goal of providing a working knowledge of the tools and techniques used to create and analyze the aesthetic artifacts of urban culture.

Details on the workshops for the spring 2014 Urban Representation Lab will be available soon.